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1 November 1977
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This is pouringsand's icon journal. When it finally dawned on me that some folks were friending me because of the icon posts I made in various communities, I began to question subjecting them all to my long, sometimes esoteric rambles. (Likewise, not everyone on my Flist there wants to have icon posts clogging up their Friends pages.)

Now you can keep up with my icons here, avoid them over there, or add both if you'd prefer.

Here is my brush credit and icon usage statement, which will be edited whenever I get spiffy new brushes from someone or I change my mind about something. I do not use screen capture communities or other such resources--for each icon, I make an individual capture that I edit down, colour-correct and embellish (cap requests, see icon requests below). Credit for the icons I've posted is courteous and appreciated, but not compulsory.

Although I do not ask for credit for the icons I make, please do not take my work and pass it off as your own! That's just sad and shabby.

Taking some icon requests and ending up uninspired to fulfill them made me decide to stop agreeing to make everything just because it felt so flattering to be asked. I'm still flattered--I just don't want to end up disappointing you! You can make suggestions here if you would still like to ask, and I might... but no promises. Same goes for screen captures, although those are significantly simpler.

Commissions and Donations
If you would like to pay me to make you something, I'm all ears, but please remember that I cannot profit from someone else's copyright. If you would like to commission me to make something from your own original work or work to which you own the copyright (if it is not in the public domain), please email me at pouringsandATlivejournalDOTcom and tell me what you have in mind! I'll gladly make icons, mood themes, headers, Friends Only banners, and so forth... I don't restrict myself to 100x100.

If you just feel like giving me money for no particular reason (I do have an effervescent personality and charming wit ;D) or you want to help me get a new monitor, software, etc... so I can keep cranking out tiny squares of fan art, I'm always accepting donations from friends and strangers!

After all, isn't a stranger just a friend you haven't met? ;D

Source Material
I make icons because I like to, and by extension I must enjoy the source material, which is often subject to copyright. What I do here I do as an ardent fan, and intend no infringement whatsoever.

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